Jul 29, 2006

i wish i could talk in strings

how rad would it be if when we spoke, colors came out instead of words.
blogs are public.
that scares me a little
the need for that thing.

buzzing bees in harmony
desert is choking
ocean is full

floating seriously rules, guys and gals.
i want to hold hands and float. i want to float like root and beer.
i want to lay inside of the boat, i want to listen and hear

what if we could do that for a long time?
i remember thinking things were not scary at all
everything was possible
it you thought about it enough it would happen

now i believe it!
but it's scary.
some people are made out of fear. or it comes to them in bursts. but then i showed them how to dive in, and in that, i learned about the difference between desire and sex. the difference between wanting vs owning. the constant state of wonder. wonderment. everything is new.

Jul 20, 2006


i heard it was packed of mellow people. which is cool. i am excited to be playing with amy again and newly, david. music every day. coconut cupcakes. nat called them toke-a-nut. i'm excited. i love the poster nat made for the event tomorrow. he is also painting 15 cd sleeves. i like a genius.

Jul 15, 2006

we are all connected by a thousand threads. i feel all the different colors throughout the highs and lows of the day. today is blue-ish yellow. but earlier it was definitely purple. i'm super down with purple right now. i think the bros think that i'm into dragons and crystals because i wear purple. you decide. i sang about mounting a fairy stallion all day so that says something.

finding it.

starting to make lists. it helps.