Apr 19, 2008

i am here

Sorry it has been so long. It has been quite a swirl lately and just finding my footing again. This week I've been in Berlin - and I am in love with this city. Well, mainly the people- I still have to go on a few more dates with this city to say I'm in love with him or her. Mainly, here are some recent photos from the last month. Rubies had a great tour and I can safely say Terri and I played the best shows of our lives. I felt myself become a better musician and singer. It feels rad. Leaving for a week in Paris tomorrow. I wanna feel the energy there. I am glad D and A are there... and really glad to see more music and art and eat that famed cheese. I am the cheese. Space cheese.I found the white tiger at loyal gallery in stockholm. i wanna have a show there. will you let me?
wierd show in stockholm. ate the craziest dinner before hand. by crazy, i mean way overpriced and filled with squaresvilles.
this is chico. he was scared at first and then he liked me. he belongs to victoria who made me dinner that night at her place. i had pickled herring for the first time and i totally loved it. she sings with taken by trees. a great voice. we enjoyed another dinner the next night along with her friend anna manhattan, who scored the dinner. sweet. she is going to be my relationship coach.
karl-jonas at it again. remind me to tell you about the little animal. i played some reggae funk organ in this studio. i hope they like it.
marcus and fredrik. drummer from rad prog band 'dungen'- later, one of the strangest nights of my life happened. ask me about it.
castles in the air. this wierd thing happened when i took this. can you see it?
bros. nicolas, øyvind, terri. best brunch in berlin ever. BBB. best berlin brunch. daniel cooked for hours in a 1970's robe. this was the morning after our show with the whitest boy alive. it was so fun that they asked us to come along for some shows in the UK next month. get excited.
was cool to see these around! danielle's photo looks beautiful. explode
coolest stuffed animal ever. the little pups are holding on by a snap so you can take them off and on for private cuddling sessions. this was on the bed at linns house. where i stayed in stockholm.
LEWIS IS BACK. he made friends with andreas. they were discussing the state of the world. andreas wasn't agreeing here.
Lewis was right. He's always right. He is wearing the sweatshirt Adrian made him for the long cold winters.
at the el perro del mar show with victoria b. and jenny w. i felt lucky.
on a bridge in sweden. everything was the same color. beautiful.
the room i slept in in stockholm. this room reminded me of my old room at kenwyn in oakland.
similar clusters of ephemera. yea, that's the 'rumours' record... SIGNED.

we danced and sang here. the reverb was beautiful.