Nov 23, 2009

The Dog of the Sea (El Perro Del Mar)

A star is born. These shoes tell a story somehow. They belong to Andreas, Simone, Sarah, and Vanessa. What an incredible performance by Sarah Assbring and the dudes (El Perro Del Mar).I felt so good watching them. The sound and lights were perfect. Some of their recent songs have been a soundtrack to my life. 'Change of Heart' for one and 'Inner Island' (from her last record). I had seen her perform a couple years ago at Södra Teatern in Stockholm with Taken by Trees. It was soooo different and I only caught 2 songs. These new songs and vibe are so incredible. I have been in a little song writing slump and these shows got me feeling inspired again. The production is chorusey and flangey in the best way. Live, however, the songs have outdone themselves. Watching them, I felt that the songs we re-writing themselves as they moved through each track. Plus, Andreas's father made his guitar! My favorite guitar player in action. Hung around a music-cast online thingy and might have been my favorite moment. In an awkward studio at 1 in the afternoon with green screens. That second show, Rubies and Bart Davenport got to sing with 'Peter, Bjorn, and John' on a song called 'Stay That Way.'Peter made a solo record with Joachim Ekermann, who also recorded 'Explode from the Center'- and shares love with the wonderful Jenny Wilson, whose album came out earlier this year 'Hardships!' where I sing on 2 songs. She just played in NYC recently. Her first time to the states! I want her to tour here. Piecing together the puzzle here, people.

My current roommate Vanessa with one of my main swedes Andreas Söderström...

Christmas list: I want these

Nov 17, 2009

People need colors & light

This posting is inspired by you Erlend. You sent me this monochromatic 'mayor of browntown' pic....(although the original mayor was Nat Russell, you can have the Norway title)...Listen to Erlend and Eirik's new album "Declaration of Dependence" (Kings of Convenience)- front cover of the album shot by my sis Danielle Rubi down in Mexico where they worked on the songs for the album. I'm in Santa Barbara today. Been down in the Laurel Canyon for a few days and digging it there. Making new plans. A new life. New ideas. New collabs. Blank slate. Learning about art vs ego. I want to hole up and work this winter. I'm not allowed to travel for 6 months. I'm not allowed to have crushes. I'm going to stay still. Tough times ahead. Portfolio, learning after effects, and new songs are calling me. Stay close though. I can't imagine you disappearing.

Nov 5, 2009

Plants can hurt & Japanese gentleness also a rad logo

My friend Mary just sent me this photo of how I looked in August after helping Terri with her yard- by tearing out a huge plant that gave me this:and made me feel like this.
I got on a plane in LA and arrived into NYC and the heat made the poison come and give me a punch in the body. But later that first day I saw this and I laughed:
I also finished a track yesterday collaborating with Japanese musician Miyauchi Yuri. I found these photos of us from the Rubies tour in Japan a couple years ago and thought it to be quite relevant. He's in Tokyo and I'm in Oakland.
Also from the archives. This is from a letterhead that my dad had. A letter from 1981 from one of the best restaurants in the world in Geneva, Switzerland. From the chef Fredy Giradet. I get my mind so blown by the logo and font. Blind deboss. De Boss. The Boss.