Aug 27, 2012


I am very proud to have done the album design for Kacey Johansing's new album "Grand Ghosts." I wanted the design to look timeless. Using the front image as the dynamic focus, I kept the rest of the design very clean and focused. Almost undefinable. Ambiguous, to leave the audience to their own conclusion. White vinyl? Sexy. If you look close, you can find her on the front. See her? Aura photographs, people. I love how the printing came out and also happy that I got to work with my sister Danielle on the photoshoot for the band photo. We don't get to work together too often with both of us on opposite sides of the planet, but once in a while, when things line up, we create together and it's such a rad feeling. Over the last couple of years, Kacey and I have worked together and continue to inspire one another and keep each other in check. Her voice and presence are present, studied-but-free, contained-yet-wild, refined-but-roots, and am excited to watch her career grow and grow. She is bound for great success. To celebrate the release of this fantastic album, RUBIFOX will host a very special event in LA in October to honor the release of this album. Her and the band sound totally mesmerizing on this record. Listen to some of the songs here. In the meantime, look forward to her party on September 28 in San Francisco at The Brick and Mortar. I'm gonna Dj.
CD, printed on reverseboard

VINYL, printed on reverseboard, white vinyl

Band photo by Danielle Rubi

Aug 13, 2012


I'm inspired again. When life gives you dark, make light.

If you want me to make you a energy painting, let me know. I'm going to be really into doing that.

Aug 10, 2012


These are some paintings and poster designs I did for my friends over in Norway at Tellé Records.

Aug 9, 2012


Live here and love here. Now, I live and love somewhere else. I recently revisited. Reclaimed. You know how the word "reclaimed" is now an "it" word? Well, yeah, I reclaimed that wood. The redwoods. Restill, it's my favorite kitchen. Sometimes it's ok to go back. Only when it feels right and real. Wait for it to feel real and then you know it's right. Hang in there, everybody. Home is where your heart won't lie. It's where it is. (all pics are film from my Diana camera.)