May 27, 2009

Kyle Field & Miranda July= Family.

There is a shop or shoppe down in LA that I try and stop by everytime I'm down there called Family. They carry a lot of art books, zines, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces, a skateboard designed by Nat, and a bunch of other stuff I wish I owned. I want to think that Miranda wrote this to Sophie Calle. That would make sense. Also, I think Kyle is trying to mention the town where my Dad is from in his letter with a real deluxe spelling. Last year they had these on the walls and on the table:

May 25, 2009

Just in time.

I don't know you but now I feel like we have the chance to know each other. Thanks to the two kind folk that sent me postcards or letters this week-they arrived on the perfect days. The kind of days where up is down and sideways is yesterday. Thank you. Did I mention how much I love mail? Thank you Montse from Mexico City and Catarina from Leipzig, Germany. It is eternally awesome to receive mail when you least expect it. There is always meaning in those letters that arrive unexpectedly. I want to see you.

May 23, 2009

Felix takes pictures.

Felix is 5. He is the cutest boy you will ever meet. He belongs to Terri and Jason- but in actuality he makes you feel like he belongs to you when you are hanging with him alone. I had a whole day of kid-but-felt-like-adult-in-the-way-old-cartoons-were-made-for-both-kids-and-adults-like-princess-mononoke fun times. Cool stuff happens when you are with him. We found face paint and "F" stickies on a street corner and then turned Dan's kitchen into a spaceship. Boom.

May 21, 2009

Twin powers activate

Still going through old photos. Here are some twin photos. Youngest to oldest. Power!
Peter, our brother, is sitting next to me. A lot of times in the real old photos of us, Danielle is wearing more blue and I'm wearing more red. It's super wierd to not be able to know who you are in a photograph. 99% of the time I do know.
Lollipops in both hands, people.
In our backyard of our house in Switzerland.

This is with 'Apollo'- our old golden retriever. He ruled.
This was at Ellis island in NYC. Danielle was just about to start at the Chicago Institute and I was living in San Francisco.

May 19, 2009

Ski instructor from Grindelwald.

Found these incredible shots of my dad- while he was a ski instructor in Grindelwald, Switzerland (where he is from) in an issue of Esquire magazine featuring him on the slopes...Serious style. 1964. He had such a grace on the slopes. These shots were taken right around the time he met my mom, who was visiting from Los Angeles, in Switzerland. He was her ski instructor... Do I need to say more?

My dad is on the left. Tony (Anton) Rubi.

This photo above looks so incredible in person. Perfect composition. Dad is in the middle.

My mom and dad hanging in Grindelwald.

May 14, 2009

Chubby Cheeks & I Feel Electric

Finally. Rubies music coming out worldwide. This tuesday-May 19- is the release of the "I Feel Electric" EP. A new buddy, Mocky, (rad musician, producer, bro: co-produced and co-wrote for the last Feist, Jamie Lidell, Kevin Blechdom albums) - did some acoustic versions of our songs. One of them is going to be included on the I Feel Electric EP. "Stand in a Line" (Acoustic Version by Mocky). He just put out a super smooth jazz-kinda-pop-bacharach-album 'Saskomodie'. I have some whispers on a track "Chubby Cheeks". In good company. Taylor Savvy, Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, and Feist make some musical and vocal appearances too."Birds of a feather" kills me. I have this song in my head at all times. Listen to some of it here.
Check out the 'Mockumentary'

Our album is coming out worldwide on June 9! New remixes and a brand new track coming out June 16.. including a remix by our kind bud 'Sorcerer'. "Diamonds on Fire" (Pyramid Dub Version by Sorcerer)...check back later on more info.

May 13, 2009

Miel & The Alchemist

Rad person to celebrate posting #2. Ingrid Pankonin. One of my fave cooks, gardeners, alchemists, lover of things ever. You should eat the delicious yummy things she makes. I'm helping her design her website. and she just started a blog! - and I think I get to move in with her for the month of june up in the bay area. Lucky me. She made some insanely good treats for Danielle's art opening recently. Been thinking about it ever since. She also makes these incredible homemade Lillets... Wild fennel, meyer lemon.... Grapefruit, kumquat... yumville. She turns the fruits from the trees and the plants from the ground into delectable gold. Danielle took these shots recently...

May 12, 2009

Smoke gets in, then flies.

Apparently the fires have stopped here in Santa Barbara. Why then are there helicopters still flying over this house and to the mountains? There's something happening. In light (dark) of the recent fire happeningggggs. Here is a photo I took last month in NYC of a burning sky across the Whitney.

Ok now I'll slide on over to the tie to NYC. Once in a while I just want to celebrate someone.
Mainly rad friends that do cool stuff. I'm sorry if you are shy and don't want to be online in the world, but I wanna just honor your specialness. Today, it's my friend Brent. He has this overall excitement for everything. Even when he doesn't like something, there is still excitement about DISliking it. It's the fire. He's got it. (see? i just tied the fire back again to end this post). I first felt the connectedness when I realized he also is an open lover of good prog tunes. Here's Brent at a gallery he helps run in NYC at Moss. The stuff they represent is fancy and intricate and deserves greatness in presentation and where it should live. My house! ha.

May 8, 2009

Santa Barbara is Burning

Last night I drove around with Adrian's mom to see if we could help people that were having a hard time evacuating due to the 'Jesusita Fire.' What I saw was like what I imagine the northern lights to look like. The glowing pink, red, purple skies from all of the spot fires that start lighting up due to the evening winds. As strange as this sounds, it was oddly beautiful. Not in a morbid way, but in a 'beauty is nature/nature is beauty' way. Day 3 of the fire. I evacuated my old family house... Strange to have all of the important possessions filling 2 cars. I did sneak up late last night past some cops to see if our house was ok. It is..and it seems like our house will be ok... Still, I am continuing to carry on as normal...just trying to be aware for everyone in this beautiful city. Surreal.

May 6, 2009

A new-ish, two-ish, Rubi.

Alexander Rubi is 2. He lives in Dubai with my brother Thomas and his wife Liz. Liz and Alexander were here for the weekend and it ruled. He is so dang cute.
Danielle took this:

May 4, 2009

Invisible Thread

'Rubies' performed at Danielle's photo exhibition opening party last Saturday at Mollusk Gallery/Surf Shop in San Francisco. Here are some photos and videos from that mystical eve. It was a cool night because we hadn't played in the USA in months- so we saw a bunch of old friends....and also celebrating the strongest photo collection I have seen from my sis. In the entire collection of photos, there is this strong horizon line that weaves the pictures together. Look for it. Wait for it. Boom! Magic. We performed a complete-heart-channeled-chant-song titled after the show 'invisible thread' that came together the night before. A one-night-only kinda performance. Letting what happens, happen. I was singing at top volume the entire drive up to the bay. Talk about complete immersion back in California from my first real winter in Canada! Playing with 40 surfboards surrounding us. Sound & vision forever. Infinite. Danielle and I keep seeming to take care of these two spectrums. She moves to Paris in 3 weeks. I'm counting. Sad. Photos below by spirit nor. cal. sister, Molly Tuttle.