Jul 30, 2010

Sneak Show

Back to work on artwork for the documentary on music, light, projects, and Feist. There's talk of holographic printing. I found a dude in China that can do it.
Sneak peeks.

Jul 29, 2010

Things I want to make, Part 1,294

I have the will to want to make these shelves. I also think an ordinary object like a shelf can quickly become so extraordinary. How about an 'infinity' shelf, anyone? How about an 'infinity' everything? P.s. I can't stop saying 'let's do this' in Swedish. P.P.s. I think I'm falling for a new color palette. P.P.P.s. Is there such a thing on color cheating? I'm cheating on my old faves. P.P.P.P.s. People are growing up, finally.

Jul 26, 2010

Pure Room

I saw this poem in a book on the artist Fariba Bogzaran during a recent hang in Inverness, Ca. It is referring to the 'Pure Land' school of Japanese medieval Buddhism. I read it on a day where it made so much sense because of the environment, time and space surrounding me at that moment. Redwood trees on a ridge. Hot water in a tub. Strange Koala-like creatures on the road and the quiet of Tomales bay. All potent because of my current state of 'new space making' in my new room. ROOM.
'Pure Land'

In Pure Land
There are no dreams
concepts, or thoughts.

Is just IS.

Gate into space of Emptiness
where creation unfolds.
So I think I just made a room. A brand new room! Living with 2 sisters in an old blue house has been the best thing I could ask for. After 4 years of vaga(bonding), I've stayed put. There's a garden with roots, a bed with pillows, a piano with keys, a guitar with strings, and smiles with teeth. Made a bed, shelves, desk, and revamped an old dresser. I finally feel like I can really MAKE things again.
Stuff is so good right now. Office hours! Here is my office zone. Thanks to Heather Goodchild for the motivational screenprint she sent from Toronto. Went straight on the wall. "I'd rather be working." Thanks to Nat Russell, Kyle Field, Africa, Turkey, Denmark, Desert plants, Marshall wood, and Chris Johanson for the ephemera. The lost cat flyer is up on a pole in downtown Oakland. Upon looking at the flyer, I first thought the flyer was about me. Not really noticing the 'cat' part. The cat in the photo on the bed is the neighbor's cat who is feeling super comfy in the house lately. I wonder if it's because we are feeding her Julius's left over cat food. Well cool. Here are some shots of the how-to's and the did-do's. Come visit..there's a guest room upstairs.