Aug 31, 2009

Parra and Gilmore

I've been super into the colors this dude Parra uses in his illustrations. My friend in Switzerland gave me a book of his a couple years ago and I've been following him ever since. Super stoked that when I go to Berlin on Friday, that he has a solo show within walking distance from where I'm staying! At a gallery called Pool Gallery. Researching a bit on the artists that have also shown at Pool I discovered Andy Gilmore. I am freaking out on this guy. Look at his nerdy graphics below. Hello new desktop picture.

Aug 30, 2009

The Goods

Dear Self, Try not to read into and suspiciously question things too much like, 'why is there always more dirt in my bed in toronto then any other city?.' You are very good at noticing *everything*. (These are some goods from Toronto. Say Toronto like "Tuh-raw-no")
Little pink-red buoy guy.
Daniela, the joy. This was after watching 'Grizzly Bear' and 'Mates of State' in a Disneyland-ish type setting. Another note to self, don't go to huge amphitheaters to see bands on the lake in Toronto. Unless it is you that is getting the major bank to play and bail.
Russ Nichols. Owner of 'Aunties and Uncles.' The best breakfast in Toronto. He might be a new top fave of this city. I got 2 meals cooked from this dude. Breakfast and then later, dinner at his home. We talked about Julia Child and looked through cookbooks. I love when people cook dinner for a bunch of people and you can barely notice that they were cooking. Grace and finesse. Maybe when people do what they love, it's like the craft becomes invisible because it is exactly what they are supposed to be doing.
Afie and wallpaper. You will hate him for putting riffs in your head that will never escape. (By hate I mean you will beg him to keep playing)
This is the second best thing I learned this week. Boil then saute radishes with butter and fresh herbs. Mind blower. The first best thing I learned was to be soft in a situation that I usually kinda act tough in. Feels good to let it all happen. Soft is the new tough.
The dinner at Russ's. I can't explain how perfect this was.
Heather Goodchild and some of the insanely beautiful and charged things she makes. She hooked these rugs for an art show she has coming up in October. She also is making a deck of morality cards. Her visions and ideas are crush worthy. Masonic symbolism and destiny by choice.

Ending with a butter tart from Dark Horse. I might have cried a single tear.

Aug 26, 2009

Inner Islands

So it first started here.
Then we all went here - to the Music Gallery (in an old church) and Daniela and I transformed this church into a Cali/Canada musical womb. It looked like this in the beginning of the day.

Then we helped it to look like this.

My other Daniela. We were super stoked about the specialness of the night we put together. It's always worth it, people. Sometimes when you are alone and you feel like it's too difficult to work with others, stuff like this comes along and it changes everything. COLLABORATE.

There will be more pictures later. I didn't really take any and that means something really really good happened. I was blown away and brought to tears by all of the incredible performances at the event. 8 people performed. We started outside in the courtyard with everyone laying around on the lawn- then we went inside. Snowblink sounded perfect. Leslie and I performed a song together on stage for the first *real* time. We sang 'look at what the light did now' with the help of my friends 'Tall Tales' and Seth Pettersen. I was so happy to see these dudes walk through the door- I could smell the salt in the air. This is what the pad looks like now in summer below. This is what California pals look like in Canada.

Toronto at night

This is what it feels like. Back here for a couple weeks after a epic hang we called 'Unicornicopia' up in the countryside an hour north. This is the little summer that could.

Aug 12, 2009

Look at How the Light Moves Us

The biggest project I'm working on now is for a film that singer Leslie Feist is making with director Anthony Seck. I was in LA for a few days last month making/designing the opening credits and brainstorming on titles for the film, editing ideas, motivation, and the art direction fo the packaging for the DVD and live album. I would love to do more of this in my life and by the way things are leaning, I will be. I've also become obsessed with interior design. A new calling? 3D design! I ended up cooking with Emilio Estevez while I was down there. He brought over tons of vegetables from his farm. Kale caesar salad and stories of living in the Philippines as a teen while they were filming 'Apocalypse Now' in 1979. Here are some peeps:

Aug 1, 2009

Dude, I Know it's Hard & Send Me My Mr {Prints for Sale!}

These prints have been following me around like stray kittens. These were originally made for a gallery show in Cincinnati - Nathaniel Russell and I each made 2 designs and they hung out together. Nat printed them. The zen master that he is. That show was called 'Everything Until Now'-Some pics from that show here. We did a bunch of fun gallery shows that incorporated these prints. The first one is called 'Dude, I Know it's Hard'. Which, as you could imagine, I am saying that to everyone and anyone. Because sometimes everything seems to turn into a tunnel of confusing darkness, and that's OK. We are all in it together (stars). Cosmic buddies are all around you. The other is called 'Send Me My Mr'. Initially, I was really into the 2 letter words visually. It's really about reaching out. Longing for everything and nothing at the same time. Feeling IT. Needing IT. Waiting for love, ready to give. One person bought this print because they thought it was religious. To each their own I suppose. I like to keep things as open as possible. You figure it out. I just want to let you know that I know and I get it if you ever wanna talk. This is the deal. I have a few left of each. There were 100 each to start. I have about 6 of each left. These prints have ended up with the people that need them most. Friends in Bergen, Norway, Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Oakland, Toronto and Santa Barbara. Now, I am here in Oakland. Ready to send you yours. They are each $40.USD or Є30 or $45 CAN or £25 or ¥3,800. or 245Kr or 290SEK or 440.Pesos etc etc. That includes shipping. Anywhere. They are 18" X 24". Standard poster frame size on light tan kraft paper. I'll write you a note on the back. Paypal Ps. the last one is a Jack Johnson poster I designed last year. The 4 color gradient sunset is pretty radical in person. Plus, you can always cut off the text and just keep the sunset. Just saying. I have 1 left. $50. Ps. I've never sold anything off my blog before. Cool or weird?