Sep 14, 2007

going going gone

gotta, wanna, musta, gonna, go away. back to stockholm tomorrow. finally getting inside of things. i had such a fantastic day yesterday. i love people more and more. i hate music sometimes. more visuals.eirik was sad the day after the elections in bergen. the bad people won so he bought a suit. brown of course.
amy gave me a tour of the place we played in Goteborg. inside of a mountain. so ruling except for the wierd dungeon sex vibes it had.
this was hanging over henrik's window in the room where we all slept. i liked it. it made me peaceful.
sunset on a boat ride out to 'steering' island. this was a good day.
third sister. sister sandwich. jenny and sara wilson. i love them.
erl doing push ups before a really small hike. i was laughing.

Sep 11, 2007

been so long

but i'm back in bergen, again. it's been a year since i've been here, recording. staying at erlends moms. so nice. finished a short rubies tour. a lot happened. sweden shows. norway shows. signing contracts eating strange snacks. meeting good people. staying away from bad ones. getting wallets stolen. recording on the water near the woods in bergen. new song! meeting good drummers . missing better ones. staying picky but losing perspective.
my masked friends in stockholm.

first morning in bergen.

key player, karl-jonas. making plans.

licorice and 'polka' ice cream in stockholm.

masked girls. ghost with legs.

more key players. lars and marcus.

dan in gothenburg. 'studio'

raddest church/cemetary ever. on an island near gothenburg.