Dec 8, 2014


Hey All

It's been so long.
That's because of instagram.

But I haven't forgotten.

The latest is that I live in Marfa, Texas. This sweet little art town in the middle of the high plains desert right next to Mexico.

I started a coffee shop called "Do Your Thing" and I'm almost done with my solo record. You should visit.

I'm djing the New Years Party this year for the rad hotel/club called "El Cosmico" here with my good buddy and artist Justin Almquist. We are going under the name DJ DUO TIC CAT TONGUE.

New Years Eve 2015- Simone Rubi and Justin Almquist

Here's the flyer I made.
Simone Rubi and Justin Almquist and a bunch of cats.

Jun 8, 2014


Excited to sing. This will be the first time singing in Marfa for a long time. Well at least since I've moved here. This will be presented by Jeremy Harris (musician and producer extraordinaire coming from Inverness, California) , similar to his Quest Coast performances. Along with Jeremy, will be Robert Gungor (Wilderman.) I'm having 2 very special people come visit next week and will also be joining. So special. Here is the poster we designed for the event.  We wanted to capture the stillness of the sun on the longest day of light. So there it hovers....

Poster we designed for the event. Wanted to capture the stillness of the sun on the longest day of light.

Other option, using a photo of an actual Marfa sunset:

May 5, 2014


So today is the first day that I got mentioned as a director on a national website, The Wall Street Journal. I directed the music video for the band Gungor in late July. I had this idea of using geometric shapes and color to use as metaphors and messages. See if you can see what I mean. It premiered today on the Wall Street Journal's Site! You can read about the video- here is that link and here is the video below: