Sep 26, 2012


Glimpses seen from my little plastic Diana camera. Here are some inners.

Tim, Maurice, a parent's pool. A-parently.
Lou likes haning on my pile

Big Sur. You can't see them, but there are clouds in the distance in the shape of waves.

Julia Pfeiffer, meet Amanda

High up, Big Sur

Amanda, Rubifox No. 3

Nicole, Ryan, Simone, Rubifox No. 3

Alia, Ryan, Simone, Rubifox No. 3

Mark, Michael, Bart, Barbara, Rubifox No. 3

Janella X 2, Jen, Rubifox No. 3

Jen, Lobster Rolls, Dill Chips, Rubifox No. 3

Mark + Jen's rad bev, Jerome, Susie, Rubifox No. 3

Jake, Snowblink, Rubifox No. 3

Maria, Janella, Jen, Mark, Avocado Beach, Santa Barbara

Paris, Nicole, Jessi, Avocado Beach, Santa Barbara

Sep 7, 2012


Shortly after moving to LA, I met a fantastic photographer named Amanda Marsalis. Below is the poster I designed for her upcoming promo campaign. It will be glossy on one side, matte on the other. 18 X 24. Photos are organized by color to form a gRADient. When folded down, her name, will appear centered on the side with the one large image. Cool, huh?  I'm so glad she's my neighbor. I believe in her magic. Check out her work here and her recent music video for the song "Dreams" by Taken by Trees (Victoria Bergman is our common link). Look for more collaborations in the future!