Jun 23, 2009

Everything must go, except you.

Garage sale fever.
Nancy took this at 9:00 am. There were 20 people behind her racing up the driveway about to grab at all my stuff. Hectictimes.com. Yes, a lot of rad stuff. I kept a couple of the synths in the end.
At the end...some of the stuff left.
A happy customer. My kind bud Seth. Funny story: I bought these brown vans at a thrift store 2 years ago knowing that one day I would meet some dude that would fit these. Low and behold. Maybe he's my Cinderella. Setherella. Boom.
Days later. Kyle suits up in his favorite color in our sweatshirt. Kyle (little wings) is playing with us (Rubies) at our album release party July 9 in San Francisco at The Rickshaw Stop. You should come. I did not sell these at the garage sale.

The famous storage spot that I talked about for years. Empty.

Jun 18, 2009

Dreamhunt and Pyramid Dub

Pretty stoked 'Rubies' released a brand new track on Tuesday....We've been playing 'Dreamhunt' on the last few tours and it because our favorite song to play. Recorded it in January in Oakland pretty much live in a circle- just vocal overdubs. Super stoked on how it came out. You can get it here- along on the single is a Pyramid Dub Version of our song 'Diamonds on Fire' that our good bud Dan Judd from 'Sorcerer' and 'Windsurf' (who will play with us on july 9 at our album release party in San Francisco, along with 'little wings' and DJ Safety Scissors) made. Been super dubzone. We are almost done filming our video for 'Diamonds on Fire'- I'm editing it slowly and carefully. It involves a magic blanket in the woods.

AND we are in the current issue (July) of Spin! It's been so much hard work in the last year with touring, travelling, writing- and just all of the logistical stuff that weighs me down. People, it seems so fun to be in a band- and I do love it- but what you don't hear about is all of the planning and endless emails to coordinate with band mates and work with schedules and paying everyone and feeling like it's all worth it in the end. I haven't lost that lovin' feeling.

Jun 5, 2009

Lost Unicorn, Snail, Elf, and Bunny

I just moved into my new little room at my friends place in Oakland. I'm up here to work on music and see what it's like back in the bay. Properly. It's been almost exactly 4 years since I moved away. I feel everything. I sold almost everything I own during my big blowout garage sale last weekend. I've been like a homing pigeon, flying back to Santa B because my *stuff* is there. Well now, my stuff is everywhere. That sounded weird. You know what I mean. So with me, came my little buddies from my storage space. Snail & Elf, the sequined Unicorn I made Daniel and Carlyn go back for at the open air market in Mexico after I couldn't stop thinking about her, and the black bunny that belonged to my father when he was little. Oh yeah, also my ping pong paddles and a jazz chord progression book. Also these 2 little bottle vases that are empty right now. Mbox. Cool to have my pillows back too. They are soft. I gotta write songs. I also want to hang out with people and talk about why things are and why things aren't. Mainly about why things are.If you know about any outdoor ping pong tables let me know. I also want to play lots of tennis.

Jun 4, 2009

Tofu! Cube!

2 awesome/hilarious tags I've seen recently. One is of a cube- you know the one that you used to draw all the time as a kid. The other just says 'TOFU!'- Point is they both have exclamation marks. Making ordinary things seem extraordinary. Exclaim the ordinary! Be stoked on the mundane.