Jun 4, 2008

Again, for the 8th time.

It's harder for me to write on here these days. I am starting to feel very disconnected from all the travelling. I think i have a few more weeks to go....in stockholm now. Been working with the lovely Jenny Wilson. Who, was the first reason for my wanting to go and play music in Stockholm. I saw her sing in the Knife video 'you take my breath away'- and then listened to her album 'love and youth'- and was totally enamored. The last few weeks have been filled with every kind of up and down and all around. The fields outside Hamburg, Germany. Summer finally came.
A pool in a canal in Vienna, Austria. Float on a float.
I want this in my living room. Would be a great tool to communicate with. Balls of wood. Nice.
At one of the best breakfast spots in Berlin. We just bought neon sandals. Fun times.
Best Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin at Einstein's. Thin and buttery. Dudes, you must try this.
UH? Goat cheese, honey, and mint in an omelette.
The one and only Jamie Lidell. He was a physics major in college in Brighton. He bought a super 8 camera this day- and then used the microphone on it to do live sampling with his band and machinery. I was blown away by his performances.
The O.G. ping pong coach.
Glass alphabet.... ÅBÄKE strikes again.
Dream come true! Piano, guitar, and 2 microphones.
Back of the bus with the vocoder.