Dec 7, 2012


I've been helping with some designs for good pal Alissa Anderson for her shop in San Francisco, FOGGY NOTION. Next time you're in the bay, go see her and revel in the good vibes in there. The shop is beautifully curated and directly reflects her taste, aesthetics, and the authentically-San-Francisco neighborhood. The black/white design is for totebags she had made for the shop. The watercolor design will appear in different colors from time to time.... She was recently featured on Bold Italic here:

Alissa Anderson in her shop Foggy Notion. Photo from the feature here

Nov 29, 2012


Super happy with how this came out. Created something that was balanced but not symmetrical. Something that had lasting power and could hold the hand of future campaigns. Also, today there is a lunar eclipse. Eclipses bring new beginnings and honor the past. Glad we snuck one in there.  Austere and geometric, but still loose. Satisfying. I love this band. Check them out here. They are on the Arts & Crafts label in Canada. Good company.

Nov 8, 2012


I did this a while back and forgot. Now I remember! I like remembering. I want to remember how to "now" more than ever. More full moon writing.

Nov 1, 2012


I'm in Paris. It's been real good. I am a brand new Aunt again. Overwhelmed with good. I came to Paris the day after this thing below. Rubifox No. 4. My dear friend Kacey Johansing and her band consisting of rad dudes, Jeremy Harris, Alexi Glickman, Andrew Maguire, and Jorge Castellano, came down to LA from Bolinas and Oakland.  I can't believe how good it sounded, there, on the Rubifox deck. The sounds were so sweet that the valley behind my house swallowed up the songs, and sent neighbors driving for 30 minutes in the neighborhood to find where the music was coming from. I saw some strangers arrive, with new eyes, listening and feeling the vibrations along with the other 60 other guests. Not sure I've ever seen that happen before. The food was prepared by Carrie Clough. Moroccan/lebanese inspired. Yumtown. Here is a tiny glimpse through my little plastic film camera.

Sep 26, 2012


Glimpses seen from my little plastic Diana camera. Here are some inners.

Tim, Maurice, a parent's pool. A-parently.
Lou likes haning on my pile

Big Sur. You can't see them, but there are clouds in the distance in the shape of waves.

Julia Pfeiffer, meet Amanda

High up, Big Sur

Amanda, Rubifox No. 3

Nicole, Ryan, Simone, Rubifox No. 3

Alia, Ryan, Simone, Rubifox No. 3

Mark, Michael, Bart, Barbara, Rubifox No. 3

Janella X 2, Jen, Rubifox No. 3

Jen, Lobster Rolls, Dill Chips, Rubifox No. 3

Mark + Jen's rad bev, Jerome, Susie, Rubifox No. 3

Jake, Snowblink, Rubifox No. 3

Maria, Janella, Jen, Mark, Avocado Beach, Santa Barbara

Paris, Nicole, Jessi, Avocado Beach, Santa Barbara

Sep 7, 2012


Shortly after moving to LA, I met a fantastic photographer named Amanda Marsalis. Below is the poster I designed for her upcoming promo campaign. It will be glossy on one side, matte on the other. 18 X 24. Photos are organized by color to form a gRADient. When folded down, her name, will appear centered on the side with the one large image. Cool, huh?  I'm so glad she's my neighbor. I believe in her magic. Check out her work here and her recent music video for the song "Dreams" by Taken by Trees (Victoria Bergman is our common link). Look for more collaborations in the future!

Aug 27, 2012


I am very proud to have done the album design for Kacey Johansing's new album "Grand Ghosts." I wanted the design to look timeless. Using the front image as the dynamic focus, I kept the rest of the design very clean and focused. Almost undefinable. Ambiguous, to leave the audience to their own conclusion. White vinyl? Sexy. If you look close, you can find her on the front. See her? Aura photographs, people. I love how the printing came out and also happy that I got to work with my sister Danielle on the photoshoot for the band photo. We don't get to work together too often with both of us on opposite sides of the planet, but once in a while, when things line up, we create together and it's such a rad feeling. Over the last couple of years, Kacey and I have worked together and continue to inspire one another and keep each other in check. Her voice and presence are present, studied-but-free, contained-yet-wild, refined-but-roots, and am excited to watch her career grow and grow. She is bound for great success. To celebrate the release of this fantastic album, RUBIFOX will host a very special event in LA in October to honor the release of this album. Her and the band sound totally mesmerizing on this record. Listen to some of the songs here. In the meantime, look forward to her party on September 28 in San Francisco at The Brick and Mortar. I'm gonna Dj.
CD, printed on reverseboard

VINYL, printed on reverseboard, white vinyl

Band photo by Danielle Rubi