Aug 25, 2011


It started with the book/film, "The Red Balloon." Now they follow me everywhere. They will watch you sleep and follow you home. Shapes!
Last year it was this guy in San Francisco by my car:
The year before I found this dude near a restroom in NYC:

Then this watercolored pal found me in Paris last month:

and before this, there was this:

Aug 21, 2011


Hello again. It's been so long.  I've been unfaithful to the other ways of the web but alas, I find that this here blog might be the truest way to tell the stories. Recentness. I've been a stranger to the day on and off for a few months now in places that aren't my typical home. Now the atypical feels typical. Metamorphosis. SO HERE WE ARE.

Started here. SB to LA on the train

Turrell ate his heart out in Granada

Light at the Alhambra

Frog on frog

Everywhere in Granada

Olives forever. On the way to Madrid


I saw another photo like this but it was a bagel

Fireworks are in everything

Tempted to go there later and set them free

Had to use a lot of self on the way to London

Shapes sure know how to change

The reflection is actually IN the painting


It's still there
New spirit animal! Falcon. Thanks, Paris
This is her protector

Let's move in

Give peas a chance

Big wish

The letters were taller twice my size

I'm really not sure

That was a good year

Might be an album cover. Old family photos in Schweiz

Double the fun

Found old Swiss paper from the late 1940's

Rad ads. RADADS. Rad dad.

Jungfrau illustration.

Take me there

Bed pool

The guy that made this said it was the center of the universe.

Go out and get it