Jun 14, 2007

the only living girl in new york.

it feels good here. people are out...summertime is here! i'm wondering about this city and it's peoples. i could live here. get a room and call it home. there, back in ventura, are my boxes. i can't believe i packed oil and vinegar when i moved out. sitting there in storage. mary's dog is licking my leg right now. he has soft ears. singing, clapping, and dancing with my friends on conan was super fun. i wore a headband, whoa. to have lupe (pipas), gary (ladybug transistor), grizzly bear (who's performances were beautiful and unexpectedly tender), patrick daughters (great director and good viber) and mary rozzi all by your side on conan? rad. a long day and lots of sky blue. feist is unreal. her performances at town hall were the best i have seen her. the dynamics were absolutely stellar. cosmic, dude. i got to hang with dude that made her videos which was fun. connecting with the dots of visualvibes. dot is cute.

mary's couch is comfortable. i like sleeping in small spaces because it feels like a box. totally safe and no one to blame. could it be possible i'm obsessed with pizza?
mary and i are working together again! working in paris last year on the feist stuff was totally transcending- and now we've found an excuse to work together again. i'm doin her website. i'm gonna touch it all over. she just got asked to take pictures of celine dion which totally cracks me up because i used to make fun of celine dion because she is weird. i found out that the 4 poster series i did for feist (scanner art with crystals!) is going to be sold in colette in paris. so stoked. i'm staying in chinatown. i have 6 more days in new york city.working feels new again. i want someone to put out the rubies record. it is finally done. i am sending it off to labels now. i am so proud of it. i just got asked to sing on a tune by Shinichi Osawa. it sounds kinda like röyksopp. fun to sing on someone else's music. japan, here we come. i drank coffee and feel weird. don't you hate that? butterfly stomach. i want to hang out with you.