Dec 11, 2008

Puzzle pieces.

I can't remember who decided to write our set list on a banana. I don't think I was there for that...So I'm pretty dang thankful to Dena for taking this picture.
Another Dena shot. From a restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland. How could our meal be bad?
So there are things I know and things I don't know. This is what I know. Light reflected off objects to create shapes upon other objects is just plain terrific. This little buddy wanted to come home with me but I couldn't figure out how to get him to stay in my pocket.I was very aware.
Kim Hiorthoy makes cool images and photos. We became friends in Berlin and we talked about stuff while eating heavy german food. He specifially said something while I took this, 'are you going to put this on your blog?.' Boom, dude.
This wall painting was enormous. Brussels.
These golden scissors were also enormous. Feel free to just put any thing on a building. Brussels, feel free. I took a lot of photos in Brussels. A lot to see.
Paris perspectives and light.
Yeah, that's my head.
Paris peeps. Dena's video projections were repeated on the wall at this venue. It ruled. My dear friend Ed is in the crowd. I can see him and it feels good. The guy in the white shirt reaching up to me was being wierd later. He kept getting really close to me while I was singing. By no means should this stop you from getting close. It was just him. I promise. I call these guys 'PSI' - Personal space invaders. Am I mean?
Russia smiles.
On the train from Oslo to Bergen, Noway.
Gonzales with a foomp. Train from Paris to Zurich.
I wanna meet who did this.
Anthony Seck, making a documentary on the music and art surrounding Feist's world. Mary, Leslie, and I did a short segment talking about it front of the mural I made for her album cover. So stoked it's still there...I also cooked a huge feast the night before and cooked fish that I had never heard of... The ladies were sick so I stepped up.
Coolest radio staion ever. Munich.

Coolest dress ever. Berlin. The plan was to buy this.
Donald Trump hairdo on a stuffed lion. Please laugh at this.
Nicolas, Terri, Maschat. Hotstuffssss.
Daniel Nentwig as our guest keyboard player. He played his moog liberation and liberated us. I think he wants to be in our band.
Flashy merchandise. We made new sweatshirts and I forgot to get one. Darn.
Cool 7" wall. We were learning 'can't help it' by Michael Jackson that same day in the van. Awesome.
Again, there is so much to tell you.

Dec 8, 2008

I can't explain

I'm not sure I ever want to know why these things happen. First, I was in Berlin and I saw a ton of swans hanging in this river. I was calling this area 'swan lake' and my friend Dena and I were thinking how funny it would be to make a movie and do voice overs for each swan character. Then this happened:
I love how the swan all of a sudden became a shape. A white shape in a black shape. No neck swan. Sometimes I feel like this. Just kinda disappearing... but knowing that I have to deal with what is 'right now'.

Then I was in Bergen, Norway a few weeks later about to play a show and I was in the cafe of the venue and I looked up on the wall and saw this photo:

So there you have it folks.
Is it possible to still be original? Are people floating around in one big sub-conscious submarine talking amongst themselves and yet never using the same words to describe THE THING? On another note, can we talk about the 'holographic universe?' - because I sure could use a good talk about non-linear time. Everything is just there for you to notice if you want. Put it down, then pick it up. I don't want to be but I wanna be. I am back in Santa barbara and it feels good. I can feel the sun again. I have so much to tell you.

Nov 3, 2008


Berlin bubbles. I was following these guys for a little while. I am noticing that a lot of the things that catch my eye lately are round shapes. Sorta.

This store scared me a little. Balls balls balls of light. Someone had a serious vision with selling these, and for that I salute you. Look close at the pic below. There are pictures within a picture. The balls are free-range. Roaming free in the field.

Oct 7, 2008


My friend sam took this picture and i can't stop going back to it. He took it after a group of us took the gondola up to Männlichen in my dad's hometown of Grindelwald, Switzerland. When inside the gondola, everything is funny. Welcome to the hilarium.

Sep 21, 2008

Ceremonial Explosions!

danielle and adrian are married! it was the most incredible week. wow! the wedding was last weekend and there has been so many good times that my heart could easily explode just thinking about it. the last of the guests left today. 130 people. the official circle of radness. sharing some time with all of the family and friends has been like one big dip in the sweetest ocean. i've enjoyed so much good talking and listening and hearing so many quality tunes sung by people that i love. man, i feel good and so thankful. i am so happy for d and adrian. let their love soar into the mountains and above the clouds into the midnight sky straight to the moon! some pics by Linn Edwards, Molly Tuttle, and Terri Loewenthal:
under the driftwood pyramid built by kyle field with the master facilitator mark sgarzi.

ms. leslie feist singing a magical looped and layered enchanting summon preparing for the entrance of danielle and adrian
danielle with my 2 brothers.
mama rubi and len miller
hugnation= graham (adrian's tight bro), danielle, mariella (adrian's sister), adrian, and me
the rubi family with danielle and adrian. my 5 brothers and sisters and my nieces and nephews. thomas (with his wife liz and their son alexander), me, danielle (standing with adrian), my mom with our step dad len miller (coach!), peter (sitting with our nephew dane who is going to be a stand up comic) and lisa (standing with her 2 daughters, brittany and nikki) a rare occasion considering how we all sorta orbit around a bit. thomas and liz live in dubai. pretty far i would say.
danielle with our mom. in this picture, my mom has the same smile i saw in photos when she was in college. cool.
my brother peter with danielle. peter is travelling with obama right now as his road producer...filming all of the action. i saw him running around with obama on tv today. cool. peter is 2 years older than danielle and i- but often people think he's younger. he is hilarious.
peter and i. i like his tie. i think his girlfriend picked it out or peter has just stepped into a new style chapter that i missed along the way.
jerome. the one and only. the most creative shoe designer i know. i also love to be as close to him as possible when he is around me. he has that quality. he brings out the silliest and most honest side in me. i also want to tell him everything. someday we will travel the world together as an all synth dance band. stunning.
terri and mr. kevin drew. these 2 are very similar in energy. magnetic and commanding. i also want to tell them everything.
terri, jason, and felix. the most beautiful family. terri and i travel a lot together to share our songs. we have a million funny stories to tell you some day. we often refer to a conversation that we had by our old fireplace when we lived together. ask us about it. philosophy! science! meaning!
felix was really into this stick. danielle is standing with bessie. she was our best friend in high school and totally rules. she got married last year and danielle and i were in the wedding and had the best time with her and billy. they are such a rad duo.
another rad duo. crosby loggins and the stealth and beautiful brooke.
kyle field, nat russell,rachel, eirik boe. california=3. norway = 1.
alison strieker and paris miller. alison is a twin also. she makes me laugh so hard that i get confused as to what day it is. we've known her since 7th grade. paris and her man nic looked so good at the wedding that it was like staring into the sun.
key players. carlyn and daniel. sweet and creative. they do dance battles often. reggaton and cumbia 2008. we spend our first 'dios de los muertos' in southern mexico with these 2. they showed us the way of the marigold spirit.
danielle and i with trevor tuttle. he is the hubs of the beautiful molly tuttle. both key players in the circle from our bay area lives and then later, carpinteria food-movie-fun-hug-laugh lives.
my nieces brittany and nikki. they are on fire. they lived in santa barbara and then moved to georgia about 9 years ago. so they are into all things south and all things west at the same time.

call and response reunion! singing 'california floating in space' for the crew after my speech. i talked a lot about hugging and how danielle and i don't do that. well, because we are too close for hugging. is this funny? i'm not sure. i went with it. i was also extremely nervous.
sam and dan! windsurf! dj'd the sweetest of the sweet. the heaviest of the heavies. a lot of songs that made me want to say 'let's do this'.
erlend oye. battling the dance battle queen, carlyn. she won.
witchy style. stevie nicks aka carrie clough made it on the floor.

like old times at cafe du nord in san francisco. when i lived with eric, terri, and erin, eric hosted 'the monday night hoot' with the lovely molly tuttle. we had the best hoot ever on the wedding night.
moore brothers! they killed it.
mark sgarzi makes his debut singing with kevin drew. it ruled.
kings of convenience. erlend with his trumpet stylings. eirik=dapper.
leslie feist. say no more. everyone's performances were beyond stellar. my heart was beating to the rhythm of everyone's songs. we were thinking that we need to do this once a year. ok i guess i have to get married. uh, anyone?
sam flax and amy b. their voices together are like bees and honey.
3 hours later. i really loved how danielle really wore her dress to the limit. one time only so might as well run around and get grass stains and spill champagne. wear it.
this was the night before at a local bar called 'the village jester'. the owner was so kind as to let us have the place that night. i asked one of my new fave bands 'franklin for short' to perform. they rule! i sang on a couple of tunes on their new album 'swell' and was stoked to get to sing with them in ojai that night. their music has totally made my summer feel like summer. they write really catchy and beautifully honest songs. the sound of their music reminds me of making music back with dan while i was living in santa barbara and we use to hang out with john healy at his first version of 'buffalo records'. thanks guys. fun times, indeed. eirik (another norwegian) wants seth, the singer, to record his voice with a very particular microphone using very particular frequencies. this means that eirik really likes seth's voice.
day after at the rubi casa. picnics and german food that my brother thomas cooked. i played a long of ping pong. i don't think i lost to anyone. i can be kinda competitive when it comes to ping pong.

this is my pic of the week. i want to see a movie with these people playing themselves. norwegians usually wear underwear when they are near this much water. this summer made me fall back in love with santa barbara. i wanna spread the word. the words. the songs.
leslie got in before me. i didn't have proper swimwear with me. i smartened up and now keep a bathing suit in my car at all times.
the duke. of . earl. erl. and i in malibu the next next day.
danielle and the duke. her stripes on her scarf and his stripes on his sweater makes me pretty happy. the moon is in between them. full moon in full effect. affect. lunatics unite!
kings, me, seth. post tennis and post swim. i guess post everything.