Apr 26, 2011


Amy loves cats

Nat at Boyd
More from the mini Diana. I like these people. Amy Cooper (check out her band.) Nat Russell (check out his new website.)

Apr 13, 2011


For all those citizens of Browntown. My LIGHT now comes in a beautiful medium chocolate brown.
Available directly through me or in Oakland at Atomic Garden. Also in red, mustard, black, white, and grey. Select styles also available at General Store in San Francisco and now at The Wrong Store in Marfa, Tx....

Apr 11, 2011


There sure has been a lot of strange weather patterns of late. Instead of planning my days accordingly, I let the drastic drama throw me off guard. In the middle of a storm, I stopped my car on the Richmond Bridge that goes from Oakland to Marin. I couldn't believe how everything looked black and white. Like a black and white film, I took pictures on my little plastic film camera, stopping time as cars were racing by on the bridge. I stopped to capture the monochromaticness, and took a few deep breaths knowing that this is the same spot that many jump to take their life. Year after year.  I was feeling all of the ghosts. After the bridge, I drove straight up to the Oakland hills and watched the clouds pass through the trees. Chasing the ghosts. The night before I was caught on muddy roads in Bolinas, watching jammers jam at a wooden house party, and woke up to a aqua-eyed kat named Stevie.