Apr 24, 2007

rules and ribbons

it's been a while. not sure where to stop, start, or end. 9 hours of a strange day last saturday when this shot was taken by my sister. amy was stomach flu-ey and i was feeling at odds with myself but d got me up and out of that. guest house livin and straight no pimpin. they are building new sidewalks here downtown. no main street really to walk on or around so the main artery in plugged so the ants are flowing. people wandering. i've been working on rough mixes of the entire album. question is now about the elusive 10th song. did one with erlend that i really enjoy and i am thinking of sneaking it in there. problem, it was recorded once as a call and response song. i wrote it outside my parents house on a guitar. it turned into a pop synth tune. now i want to document it as it should. voices and acoustic guitar. is it going back?