Sep 23, 2010

Ferry circle

I can't believe I've never ridden the ferries in San Francisco. New favorite thing. Vanessa took visiting friends and I on what would appear to be, a date. The day(t) started with 1. Coffees and fruit crumble from her pal at the Blue Bottle roastery then walked to get 2. Bahn Mi from Cam Huong in downtown Oakland 3. Hopped on subway to SF 4. Walked to North Beach to Washington Square park and drank bubbly Spanish wine 5. Another bev hang at 15 Romolo 6. Ferry to Oakland at sunset (high light!) 7. Then the second highlight, "Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon." Incredible tiny saloon for sailors. 8. Burrito's. Best date ever.


Sep 9, 2010

3D and the past

It's weird how 3D was a new phenomenon in movie viewing back in the 1950's. It was to bring the experience to the next level. The 'take me out of reality' sentiment behind movie watching got even more extreme. Now it's back. Is it a response to something? Do we need to escape our now/reality so much more now because of all the media/social networking distractions? Our brains our rolodexes. The 3D graphics that I'm most fond of is in tangible form. 3D lettering and objects! Pop up books! I've been trying to solve riddles with my graphic design for a few years now. Trying to stay analog as much as possible. Some of those efforts were noted in a book that was just released called, 3D Typography. Here are some snapshots of the book and some of it's pages. I can't stop staring at some of the work in this book. I love it. You can buy it at most modern art museum shops and here. Also something I recently made inspired by a piece my buddy Joseph Heidebrecht made out in Joshua Tree years ago, using light to create the message.
Ps. 3D glasses on the top. New 3D glasses on the bottom. What is up with the new 3D glasses looking just like glasses people wore in the 50's? The 50's are sooooo back. I saw a guy in Paris last week wearing a leather jacket, white tshirt, rolled up levi's, greased back hair, and penny loafers. He wasn't really owning it. It was a total costume. He was so removed from the origin of what that fashion was....but I guess at this point, it's all up for grabs. I find it terribly interesting to take note of what happens culturally/politically during a certain era and the response it generates with music, fashion and art. Remember when there was a total 1960's obsession in the 80's? Remember the response of the 80's in the 2000's? Now look at the 90's coming through in todays fashion/music (look at my sisters blog post about this). So what happens next when the last few decades have already been covered? Are we going to start tapping into fashion from the 1700's? Let's get all cave people fashion. Talk about old school. Chants and wraps. I guess since we don't have enough documentation of the true days of yesteryear, we can't exactly replicate it. Let's invent something new for once. Please?