Jul 30, 2012


I've been super into doing watercolor paintings. I'm gonna post a bunch here and if you want one, let me know. I'm in the mood for _____.

Jul 18, 2012


Summer is here. It hit me while in the tropics a couple of weeks ago. I went to Belize as a food blogger for the Trail of Crumbs. You can see all of my posts about food, culture, and overall sensitivities here. I'm back in my new city of Angels, drifting between seasons and feeling sun-ish. The normal things are in place. Guilt for not writing more songs, heart sore but hopeful, planning the next hang, longing to see all my friends that live so far away (but happy to be longing), proud to be able, and, more than ever, stoked. P.s. My new spirit animal is a jaguar. I saw one in Belize the day after a thunder storm and full moon. So there's that.

Feathers from local birds, Belize. Pine ridge reserve and jaguar country.

Littlest island in the Carribbean

Malibu. Lifeguards, everyone needs one.

Go chasing waterfalls

Hol Chan. Marine reserve. Coral reef in Belize.

Found an old boyfriend box. It made me smile.

Red road in Belize

Happy cows in Belize

Sunset at my house, LA.

Open your eyes

Belize river

I did

Mt. Tam in Marin. Good evening light.

I am really happy here

Hung this yesterday. Marfa horseshoe. It goes this way to hold the luck and good vibes in.