Mar 25, 2009

Not what they seem

I kept walking back and forth-- seeing if my eyes had gone bad due to too many hours on the computer but no, this shadow is blue. Stockholm has strange light. Have you seen this? If so, please tell. Kiss and tell. I might have OD'd on art here in NYC this week. Everything is art now. Isn't that just a trash can?

Mar 22, 2009

How to draw the alphabet and stuff

I went to this incredible book shop/publishing house in Stockholm called Rönells. My friend Anders works there and he really works there. He belongs. Meticulously presented antique books alongside new music-art-philosophy magazines next to avant guard cds. A few things that grabbed me:
This was from a 1940's book on typography and the history of the alphabet. Dig the arrows. They very gently suggest how we should write each letter. Thanks.
Cool dude.
Why do old photos of ordinary thing always inspire? Order. This reminds me of a series of scans I did while on the clock at my corporate graphic design job back in the day. I scanned pencils, pens, scissors, and a cube of butter - then I wrapped the items in foil and scanned them again. You get the idea? Warhol and I could have made out. Wait, that seems gross. He had weird skin.
We've all seen this image many times. But why is this image following me everywhere lately? I'm noticing it all the time. At a friends apartment. On a skyscraper. The first page of a book I open. I think it's because I am searching for a home still. Homeless now for 4 years. I'm finally comfortable with this. Or am I?
This was a book on 'making home'- from the 50's. Sweden.
I am so into chairs it's ridiculouse. Check out the arm on the upper right. That winged sculpted wood. I want to collect chairs.
Jenny and I strike again. This time we dj'd at Victoria Bergsman's club at Tranan Bar in Stockholm. We had mics and were singing and beat boxing over our songs. Ha. Can you even stand her beauty? It hurts!!

Jenny Wilson, Sarah Assbring (El Perro Del Mar), Me. Heavy conversation.
foomp! with marcus. last day in stockholm. foomp comes out on last days.
I'm in NYC now for the next few days. Staying inspired and designing logos today. Help!

Mar 16, 2009

These things go together

Learned a lot about salty licorice last night... salmiak- the salt crystals found in ammonium chloride- is mixed with anise oil. Still unsure about where the black color comes from. Guess you can't eat too much. Which brings me to this law of Jante and Largom (sweden) here in Scandinavia. Some people think it's a myth, some people use it as a excuse, and some people believe it to be the future. The archetypical Swedish proverb "Lagom är bäst", literally "Lagom is best", is translated as "Enough is as good as a feast". Or meaning "just the right amount". 'Jante' is a concept created by the Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose in his novel 'A fugitive crosses his tracks' where he portrays the small Danish town Jante, where nobody is anonymous. There are 10 rules in the law- but the main theme is 'don't think anyone is better than us' and ' don't think that anyone things you are special'. In some ways it makes you think about others and not only yourself- but in the extreme opposite, it doesn't build any self-worth or confidence. I've met people that believe they are a product of this law- even if it was stronger with their grandparents- I have been affected by this in small ways- just in dealing with people and trying to connect emotionally. Stuff. On a lighter more topical note. Here are some colors combos I saw recently that I liked. Ha.
A coffee in Oslo and my kindest bud Terri in Bergen.

Mar 4, 2009

I've been saved.

I've been saved. By brothers, mothers, sisters, and you. I didn't know that I needed it- but I guess it's because when you give, you get. Also by the 1979 old minolta film camera. A few from my first roll. I feel like I just got out of a high school dance. Smell the sweet air.
Peter, my brother.
Kevin took this of Peter and I above. This was the best week ever. Him below with his nephew. We played with monster trucks and wood ball games.
This band ' The Bruce Peninsula' also saved me. Daniela who sings in the band, rules. I feel like she was a missing limb. Dan and Daniela. Best couple ever. Go love! Toronto has a really great music scene. So many cool folks playing from the heart.
More new buds.

Yep. That's me in the polaroid. Listography X Nat Russell. My favorite artist. "This will be our year" was the song- Glad I made the cut. I bought every book in the store.
At the Arts & Crafts label in Toronto. Finally got too see the posters I designed in person. Even though it's almost 2 years later!