Dec 25, 2006

until january 1

merry christmas.
just wanted to let you know that the 8 song Rubies EP will only be available until january 1. it has new artwork and new songs from last year. the songs have been recorded with a full band for the come out in the fall of '07 but these are the original demos that have a character all on their own. drum machines and lots of synthesizers mixed with a few songs of just simone and lovely terri and amy harmonies and one guitar... These demos are special to me because they document the last year and a half of learning how to record on my own and tell the tales of a time of change, love, loss, and experimentation of sound.
After January 1, the songs go in the vault.
purchase the ep through paypal for $8 for US orders : $10 mexico : $12 for Europe/Japan orders. If I didn't list your country, just send me an email and we'll figure it out... for paypal
1. A Room Without A Key
2. Dark Light
3. Turquoise
4. Diamonds On Fire (special guest carrie clough)
5. Signs Of Love
6. All We Have Is Sound
7. Stand In A Line (produced/recorded by safety scissors)
8. Walk With Caution

Dec 14, 2006

over and over

lately been listening to:
doris - whispering pine
studio - out there/life's a beach
blood music - the hair
ass - stealing apples
paul simon - run that body down
racket and ball - do you
el perro del mar -god knows
norman jay - giant 45 show on bbc radio
ned doheny - hard candy (album)
lindstrom - it's a feedelity affair (album)
spinners - could it be i'm falling in love
birds of america - you
kilimambogo brothers - nwendwa jane
karen young - deetour
peter bjorn and john - young folks
tussle - warning
paul mccartney & wings - wonderful christmas time
ratatat - wildcat
the whitest boy alive - burning
soft machine - the soft weed factor

Dec 13, 2006

it could set you free

the double dose dolphins will set you free. i took these in vegas. a while ago. but they came to my attention today when i did the thing where you get all nostalgic when you look through old iphoto stuff. i think it's good to look through old things. i had this conversation with d while decorating the x-mas tree about over romanticizing people and memories. my heart is so pulled to the memories but i feel very present too. i am on that strange cusp of time. stranded, sorta. in the middle. that will change.

Dec 10, 2006

what is what

this week is important. i want to put the plan into action. everything is in place. i have been listening to a lot of dance music lately. the simple catchy stuff like 'fast and delirious' by lindstrom. i wanna make dance music. i miss being in a real band.

Dec 7, 2006

i miss you, me, and the thing

i really do. staying focused can be hard. i feel so isolated in this small town but i am learning how to challenge myself. i am interested in what a place is and what is does to a person. there are a lot of things wrong about this town but i am grateful for it's beauty and gentle nature. i want in on all of that stuff but i want out on code and whimsy. have i mentioned how much i dislike everything that is 'whimsical'? barf.

i think being in a larger city just means you are more social and you have more opportunities to measure yourself up against everything. art, music, people, relations, structure, color, politics,etc.

like a social reflection. a mirror where you decide whether or not you are into the way you seem when bounced off of others and new experiences. so in a small place you tend to just have yourself and the environment to bounce off of. in my case, it's me, my sister and her boyfriend, the mountains and the ocean. oh and my musical instruments. good for now, bad for later.

Dec 1, 2006

playing you songs from my upcoming album

so i have this idea to play a show from my room on wednesday. dec 5. i thought it would be both funny and entertaining to see someone play some songs from their room for people with ichat and skype. this idea came to me when i was playing a song for a friend the other night on skype and thought that doing a show this way would be a fun experiment. plus it's free and you can hang out in your room and we can hang out together this way. i am going to do this around 11am california time so 8pm uk time 9pm west europe time. i am going to play songs from the upcoming album and a new one that i wrote 2 days ago. unfortunately i won't be with the other "rubies" but i promise to be slightly interesting and mostly genuine. plus i can show you what santa barbara from my front door looks like and you will meet my cats marcel and julius. you are in for a treat! ichat name is skype name is simonerubi