Jan 29, 2011


Chinati. Donald Judd. Flavin. As far as you can see.

There is a lot of this sentiment around here.

Oh, this is where Kyle Field gets his inspiration. West Texas style. A shaman wrote this. He was sitting in a jeep outside.

Flavin. (earlier we were cracking up saying 'flavin' flav')

Most people share a similar secret here in Marfa, Texas. They left city life and found a place with epic landscapes and a horizon that encourages good ideas. I'm presenting the Feist documentary tonite, on behalf of the people that I love, at the incredible Crowley theater tonite in Marfa. It might be the best place this film will ever see. I'm also continuing a tradition of my own, which involves playing last-minute shows using local musicians (and my brother-in-law on bass!). Tomorrow at the Marfa Book Company/Gallery at 9pm. I'm a bit rusty, like this horseshoe next to me on the table. Horseshoe's bring luck.
The Crowley Theater in Marfa, Texas

Jan 11, 2011

elemental stability : atomic number 83

In an effort to practice what I've preached for a more stable 2011, here is a visual of what I'm striving for. Whether financial or emotional, stablity is elemental. Let me re-introduce to you our friend Bismuth. Bismuth has classically been considered to be the heaviest naturally-occurring stable element. I will welcome any conversation that in it's visual representation, would look like this:

Jan 6, 2011

no name, toronto = warhol

Just home from Ontario. "NO FRILLS," is the name of the grocery store. Their products have a slightly socialist approach to branding called, "no name." It feels like a Warhol exhibit every time I go in there. I'm fascinated by it but makes me slightly uncomfortable. In the same way I'm uncomfortable when I see identical twin children dressed the exact same way. Sometimes we need the frills. I like frills. Say 'frills' a bunch in a row. It's one of those funny words that doesn't make sense anymore now that I've said it a few times.