Sep 29, 2011


Designed this newspaper for my friend and talented photographer, Mary Rozzi.  A nice size of 10.5 X 15, these newspapers have been popping up in the best times and the best places all over Paris. Soon LA, NYC, SF, London! She has been capturing such timeless beauty in a backstage way. Sneaky. Forgive the wrinkles in the photos. The newspaper survived 4 months in my suitcase. In true newspaper style, this is meant to not be too precious. Key. I gave her portolio/book a refresh as well. Created a logo and had it debossed into a gorgeous grey linen. Landscape not portrait. Happy to help. I also designed her website. Check it out here.

Sep 20, 2011


Instead of saying a little about something huge. Recently, Tokyo-based magazine "Nero" asked me to contribute a "playful story in the Simone Rubi style." My words (written in english) must have been translated into Japanese then translated back into engligh. That could be a fun project. Translation nation. Here's what happened.

Sep 19, 2011


Posting this photograph that my sister Danielle took last month in Switzerland when we were celebrating everything. I want this poster sized. The light on the alps!

Sep 15, 2011


Found this rock on a hike in the Swiss alp village of Grindelwald where my father's from. More design in nature. Is this where all the Swiss design stems from? Perfect balance mixed with slight abandonment. The alps seem to protect but also challenge. They are silent in their stillness but whisper to you at all times. This rock is what I imagine my future to look like. Here's hopin.

Sep 10, 2011


I came 'home' last night. Strange how the idea of what home is can shift so drastically on where you feel good and what kind of conversations you're having.  My home and my things became more and more invisible the longer I was gone. The 'now' became more and more visible the longer I stayed. Today on my bedroom walls, the art spoke. More than they normally do, they spoke and I listened. Like they were waiting for me all along. Is this how it's supposed to go? Is it possible that we choose to surround ourselves with imagery and messages that guide us for the rest of our lives? Cool.

More Awaits Me There But Right Now I'm Just Going To With Here, Chris Johanson
Wonder Summer, Kyle Field
Mysteries Labrynth, Nathaniel Russell
I'd Rather Be Working (really? for now, yes!), Heather Goodchild

I Think You Are Wonderful, Supermundane

Sep 9, 2011


When I look sometimes,  I'd rather not know than know. Reverse. Go forward. Guess. Wonder. Stay curious.