Mar 30, 2012


The last of my portrait series until I take and gather new ones. Again, my rule for this series is that they had to be taken on film and with a 35mm camera. Some of these were taken in Toronto. Others were taken in Bergen, Norway, San Francisco, Joshua Tree, New York City, and Oakland. Oh and two of me taken by people that have the magic.
Eirik Glambek Bøe and his son in his hometown of Bergen, Norway.

Kevin Drew driving me around his hometown of Toronto. He does a lot. Some of it here.

My Swedish pal Martin in a subway station in New York City.

Me by my brother. Toronto.

Peter, my brother at the AGO art gallery in Toronto.

The totally wonderful Dan and Daniela Snowblink team in Toronto right before a show. Their music here.
Vanessa near the house that Neil built and holding Ojai hometown tangerines. Joshua Tree, California.
Jessi caught.
Jessi and I in her house in Oakland. Jessi recently played drums and sang with me. We like breakfast.

Me and my crystal ball. It has special powers. This was a really good day. My last day seeing the bay for a while.

Robert on the same day. He is full of magic and skill. Calimagic. Oh, and he makes really good steak and creamed kale.