Dec 16, 2011


I decided a couple years ago to try and take a portrait of anyone coming and staying with me in this house in Oakland. The portrait had to be taken on the property and on this old Minolta 35mm film camera. Since I might be relocating soon, I'm starting to feel sentimental about my time here in this special zone. Here are a few of those, including a couple of one of the babes living here, Robin. Consider it a homage to a home. My next few upcoming posts will be a series of portraits taken within the last couple of years, all over, but always on a film camera.
Robin in Vanessa's room.

Daniela in the living room. Listen to her music here: Snowblink

Dena & Maschat in front. Cool things they do here & here

Erlend in the bedroom. Music he makes here & here

Jessi in the living room. Her music here


Joshua in the backyard.

Kieran and Laurie in the living room. Here and here.

Nat in the living room. Rad art here.

Paris in my newly painted room. Here.

Robin in the living room when the old mural was still there.

Zia in the backyard. She lives next door.

Zoe in the bedroom.