Feb 21, 2007

buildings and boundaries.

the last 2 months happened overnight. we played a great show at the music hall... fun fun fun fun fun. i've kept the 2 little wooden houses from the shopping feist-spree for her art. but i've kept them in my pocket or in my purse and set them down at each new home. 2 houses. always thinking in 2's. it's being a twin maybe? i'm trying to update my work and life and all things. i've put some new pictures on the rubies site... www.simonerubi.com/rubies.html

i am drowning in work. trying to come up for air. at some point, something is gonna give. trying to do it all. i want it all.

recording with scott was refreshing. the process felt so much different then the stockholm and bergen recordings. putting some california onto the record. when i am here, the process feels so secondary. it is more what is happening and going onto the songs. more scientific in a way. it's also because the album is so close to being done. it was very real. i also got terribly ill for a week. that was brutal! especially since i got better for our show with 'of montreal'- and then the night before my big vocal day, i got sick again so the stuff we recorded on the $20,000 microphone get's scrapped. how many cities will it take for me to sing 'diamonds on fire' the way that it needs to be sung? i am going to try it within the next few days here at home on my microphone. i think late at night. i am missing the personal intimate 'sitting in your bed playing a guitar' feeling. i have much to do still. i am also learning to branch out into this project. amy and terri are feeling more a part of it now that we did these san francisco sessions. i really like the way amy's voice sounds on these recordings. everything is blending nicely. these songs are really a declaration to so much that has gone on in the last 2 years but they are also songs i want people to dance too and not think too much. the more that goes into these recordings, the harder it is for me to make a decision on what direction to take them in. i need some outsider ears at this point. someone i trust but someone i don't know well enough to care if they hurt my feelings. total complete meltdown. having that anxiety feeling again. sometimes i just have to stand still for a few minutes while i wait for all the fear and anxiety leave the cells. it can all be so scary and wonderful. am i the only one in on this? sometimes i feel like i'm the last to know. send me a letter please. i am into postcards lately. so much so, that i did this little project. www.thisishowwedo.com/postcard.html
i miss all my stuff. it's still in storage. i hate that is becomes more and more of a metaphor. this little bit of writing has been a bit too much i think. a little self indulgent. i'll wake up new, i promise.

Feb 4, 2007

it's going.

ok. do you like the palm tree in the green pants? been in the studio for the last two days. adding the honey. tomorrow more keyboards. recording a new song! 'i feel electric'. excited.

my time here in san francisco on chattanooga, is coming to a close? i am wondering about staying in the bay area or??? i hate always wondering. floating around. i feel like i'm always waiting for a notion. something to make me feel tied to something. i just don't know where to be. just watched the woody allen film 'manhattan'. man, that is shot so beautifully. makes me want to wander new york city and be in hyper intellectual conversations about nothing. i wish all my friends were in my same city for the next month. come visit.

'rubies' played our best show ever. a sold out crowd at the great american music hall. matching outfits and dance moves. the art of performance. there is so much to it and then nothing to it all. i really enjoy being on stage. there is so much to learn. i am wondering about a lot of things.