Aug 25, 2006

paris, coffee, and egyptian playing cards

been thinking of cool album titles for hours. i like invisible echo but i think i found the one i really like. keeping it in my brain until it feels like skin. definitely on chapter 2 now in paris. hanging with leslie and her roommate mary has been really fun. had craft day and art supply store day yesterday. there are some old playing cards involved. egyptian playing cards with strange imagery. some had knives on them. there is a dog here named rocco. he's kinda midge style. mary is from the natti. we spoke of skyline chili and that it is brown and that all the food from skyline looks brown. sick.

met the biggest art dealer of paris yesterday. emmanuel perrotin. he took us all out to an incredible meal and i sat next to vanessa bruno, the fashion designer. we talked for an hour about twins. she's pretty damn special. her clothes are really beautiful. leslie gets them for free.

so i am getting ideas for artwork for her. i am excited to be thinking on this scale. it's bringing me back into conceptual thinking and deliberate meaning in design. all analog. We went to the art supplies store yesterday and bought a ton of stuff
And a toy shop
And an office shop
And a junk shop

Finding little things to use
An old fan with moroccon lattice on it to project through with the overhead projector.
tracing paper and hi-lighters. old books and neon paper. lots of gold things.

I am using my old polaroid slr 680 and will be taking all the photos

My idea is that it will all be analog
All the writing and titles will be in the photograph
So nothing is digitally put over the images

We will see....

been walking around the streets remembering to be here, to be in the moment. it is getting harder and harder to do that. because there is so much non linear activity and travel and my mind gets increasingly stuck in the thing i am doing at that moment without the sense of reflection. oh and that 'no more second hand god' business that nat was going on about had been so much a part of my thinking. no more second hand. i am feeling this sentiment.

got lost a park that really was a square and it was pretty small but i still got lost. that was the "i'm in paris" moment. a statue of a woman coming out of a field of peach colored roses. a couple sitting on the stone bench kissing. yeah yeah yeah.

best falafel of my life too. the eggplant - i don't know how they do it. i was on a corner near muji and had a flash to around this time last year when i was here with d and e - and e gave me a slap down for not sitting down at a table with some dude that he thought was cute. the 'cold' approach. no way.

recording so far has been really really really good. lars, the drummer is very much the swedish jordan. marcus, the guitar player, is very much the swedish dan. and then having terri there was so great. she really helped move things along, arrange, listen, and do the 'nod' to what was working and what wasn't. the tracks are sounding even better then i thought they would. karl jonas has taken this project on like it was his band which means so much to me. he has gone above and beyond his call of duty. duty. wierd. i've fallen in love with everyone.

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