Sep 14, 2007

going going gone

gotta, wanna, musta, gonna, go away. back to stockholm tomorrow. finally getting inside of things. i had such a fantastic day yesterday. i love people more and more. i hate music sometimes. more visuals.eirik was sad the day after the elections in bergen. the bad people won so he bought a suit. brown of course.
amy gave me a tour of the place we played in Goteborg. inside of a mountain. so ruling except for the wierd dungeon sex vibes it had.
this was hanging over henrik's window in the room where we all slept. i liked it. it made me peaceful.
sunset on a boat ride out to 'steering' island. this was a good day.
third sister. sister sandwich. jenny and sara wilson. i love them.
erl doing push ups before a really small hike. i was laughing.

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