Dec 8, 2008

I can't explain

I'm not sure I ever want to know why these things happen. First, I was in Berlin and I saw a ton of swans hanging in this river. I was calling this area 'swan lake' and my friend Dena and I were thinking how funny it would be to make a movie and do voice overs for each swan character. Then this happened:
I love how the swan all of a sudden became a shape. A white shape in a black shape. No neck swan. Sometimes I feel like this. Just kinda disappearing... but knowing that I have to deal with what is 'right now'.

Then I was in Bergen, Norway a few weeks later about to play a show and I was in the cafe of the venue and I looked up on the wall and saw this photo:

So there you have it folks.
Is it possible to still be original? Are people floating around in one big sub-conscious submarine talking amongst themselves and yet never using the same words to describe THE THING? On another note, can we talk about the 'holographic universe?' - because I sure could use a good talk about non-linear time. Everything is just there for you to notice if you want. Put it down, then pick it up. I don't want to be but I wanna be. I am back in Santa barbara and it feels good. I can feel the sun again. I have so much to tell you.


Lucy said...

I feel like this many many times a moment. For me, it is beautiful and completely overwhelming all at the same time. Keep telling!

Jamie Watson said...

I love your swan photo.