Jul 24, 2009

Afterwards, there is a double rainbow

I think I saw a spirit. A rainbow ghost. I went to Vallejo the other day to Brooke's mom's house. We went on a walk along the cliffs, looking at Mt. Tam in Marin across the bay. We saw an ambulance and a few people crowding around someone that had collapsed in front of their house. There was sadness in the air and we didn't want to disturb the moment so we quickly continued our walk. We arrived back at the house and went out to the front deck to see where we had walked. At that moment a rainbow appeared shooting out of the house where we had seen the person collapse. It was like no other experience. There was not a cloud in the sky from where we were- and then suddenly this rainbow right before sunset. It felt special. We had chills. I hope that happens when I go.

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