Sep 23, 2010

Ferry circle

I can't believe I've never ridden the ferries in San Francisco. New favorite thing. Vanessa took visiting friends and I on what would appear to be, a date. The day(t) started with 1. Coffees and fruit crumble from her pal at the Blue Bottle roastery then walked to get 2. Bahn Mi from Cam Huong in downtown Oakland 3. Hopped on subway to SF 4. Walked to North Beach to Washington Square park and drank bubbly Spanish wine 5. Another bev hang at 15 Romolo 6. Ferry to Oakland at sunset (high light!) 7. Then the second highlight, "Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon." Incredible tiny saloon for sailors. 8. Burrito's. Best date ever.



dena from the blog said...

wuoah, so cool! this is the way, xx

Camilou said...

awesome date, dudes! love these kinds of days...