Oct 27, 2010

Sounds and feelings. Part 2

The sound came out as one big blurry orb of light.
No big deal.

Together. BSS and The Sea and Cake. LA. 10/19/2010.
I saw bros Broken Social Scene play last week. I took two pictures. The first one was what it sounded like. The second is how it looked. A big ball of radiant light? It's pretty much how I feel every time I hang with these dudes. Making the most. Toasting to life. I couldn't believe I was watching The Sea and Cake (who is opening on this tour) at this point in my life. The tones were womb-like and precise. I was INTO it. I am so glad BSS's music is finding it's way to me more now than 5 years ago, when most others were privy. How could 2 performances in 1 month both have church like qualities for me? This time, more in the form of light and celebration. I don't go to church, but if I did, could they please make sure to book bands that sound like this? Thanks.


Camilou said...

i love the mention of the church-like feeling... i think i know exactly what you mean. must've been so amazing...

ba said...

yep, i do love it too.
saw them last monday: one of the best concerts ever (as well as Feist last year) here in Porto (Portugal). They're magical. They are a significant part of my life's soundtrack.

glad i found your blog :)