Nov 17, 2010

This is what the LIGHT is doing now.

Sneek peek of what I'm making for my very own Pop-Up Shop. I've always been very aware of lighting. Don't you think that bad lighting can contaminate any good hang? Or meddle with a potentially great conversation or crush connection? I'm here to help. Lamps! With cool vintage euro cords and hardware. Some will involve rocks as a base from the beach in Santa Barbara and walnut (which I'm trying to figure out how to cut into a nice curve using a bandsaw.) I'm super excited to create my own little shoppe (say 'shop-pe' for a inside laugh) down in Santa Barbara for an event called, "Deck the Halls."

The event takes place at the Presidio Motel, home of the rad new store The Supply Room. The idea is that each person or vender has their own room at the hotel for one night. The room gets a make-over by that person and becomes a shop for a night. 5pm-Midnight. I think my friend Vanessa is joining and making some lovely things and bringin Santa Barbara their first taste of Blue Bottle coffee. I'm making a wicked (there I said it! too many canadians!) playlist, and might play some songs on the guitar. Also I believe a special cocktail might have to be invented in the shop that night. So far I have contributions from Jen Pearson (cool design objects from old apothecary bottles), Lulu Organics (vetiver and black pepper hair powder and organic cardamom lip balm!), Lauren Caproni of Gold Label (handmade bags from vintage fabric), and a few more in the works. Oh I might be bringing down some mexican blanket bags as well.... If you are in the area, come by for the fun.

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Lucy said...

They sound amazeballs! I wish wish wish I lived in CA sometimes! Will you be doing world wide Post outs perhaps? (cheeky!)