Apr 2, 2013


So I made a music video with my friends (Amanda Marsalis, Ashley Eva Brock, Alia Shawkat, and Jessi Campbell) for the song "Honey" by Kacey Johansing from the album "Grand Ghosts." Really really happy with it. We shot it in Bolinas, California over the course of 3 days last January. It's the small town where Kacey lives in Northern California. We shot during a New Year's Eve party that ended up involving burning wishes, scribbled fates, hot tubs, redwoods, and 4 people to a bed or floor. I don't think I've ever slept in a house with that many people at one time. The dress was inspired from watching the old footage by the Lumeiere brothers. We wanted to have the viewer experience her transformation. Hope it inspires. Feel that pastel-colored California light.

Kacey is opening for Kings of Convenience May 15 in London and May 23 in Moscow. Other Euro cities around that time too. Paris, Berlin, Hamburg...Also, April 6 in San Francisco. Go see her!

Directed by Amanda Marsalis
Art Directed by Simone Rubi
Produced by Simone Rubi
Special guests: Alia Shawkat, Jessi Campbell, Simone Rubi

From the album "Grand Ghosts" (Released Feb, 2013)
I used an "Aura Photograph" for the cover design... can you see her?

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Moe Shinola said...

Thanks for sharing the song. Wat a soulful voice!