Dec 18, 2013


HEY EVERYBODY!!! I have a new song and video to share! I loved watching ink hit water while making this video. I hope you do to. We recorded this in a "hi/lo" style. 1/2 on 4-track and 1/2 in the new Hangar Studio in Stinson Beach with help from my friends. I will probably re-record this for the actual album version, but when I was asked to record this for a film recently,  I fell in love with the sound of this recording. This is a preview for my upcoming album "Hearts & Sciences" (out in 2014) - I would be so happy if you shared with your peeps! Enjoy! Musicians: Simone Rubi, Robert Gungor, Jessi Campbell, Jeremy Harris, & Kacey Johansing. Additional vocals by Amy Cooper.  Magical light from Bart Davenport. Check out my facebook page for updates and brand new for ephemera. You can buy the song here.

Buy/Stream the song here:

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Shameak Pastelle said...

Great song and video