Nov 16, 2006

bergen, again.

More recording in Bergen! Norway is such a nice place to return to. I returned myself and brought along a Swede (Marcus) from the Swedish sessions. It was great having someone there from the Swedish sessions to help sing harmonies and for overall band vibe. I felt rushed though. I don't know if I'll keep all the vocal tracks we recorded- I didn't have enough space between each song to make them all sound different and dynamic. Fun to see both of my recording worlds come together though! Eirik and Oystein were there for support and I felt their spirit go onto tape. Davide too. He is in love with sound in a way I haven't seen in a long time. I am so glad I am working with him. I am going back in January I think to do more songs with Eirik, O, and A. It feels right and I am so happy with the the tracks I recorded in Bergen. As I type this, I am lying on a couch in San Francisco. Yup, I have returned to the golden state of California. Rubies play tonite for an art / music show in conjunction with good swedish friends Karl-Jonas (producer for the swedish sessions! and his first time to california!) and his lady, Johanna Billing. A bunch of bands are doing a version of a song called "you don't love me yet"- it will be interesting to be a part of this ongoing project. Tomorrow we play Big Sur. All of this, is a bit overwhelming. To be home after this long adventure, and to see all these familiar faces. It feels good.

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