Nov 3, 2006

zanzibar takes the shape of stockholm.

i am back in stockholm. thoughts of zanzibar keep flooding my mind! finding parallels in all cities. everything has been made by us, the same species. i saw the weirdest museum ever in stonetown, zanzibar. crystal chandeliers, astroturf, church upstairs, plastic chairs, broken frames, framed presidents (3), and rifles on the ground. i have felt exhausted the last 2 days. can't seem to catch up ever. had a room at a 1970 hotel in stockholm my first 2 nights back because i needed to space. what i got was a box! a shoebox for a room. small enough to fit a twin bed. but i liked it. except for hearing every sound from the guy next door. so there wasn't a lot of sleeping. shouldn't people get refunds if they aren't allowed a certain amount of sleep at a hotel? i mean, it's a product they are selling to people. if it doesn't work... can we exchange or return it? i want to return the 'lack of sleep' i purchased.

rehearsed with marcus yesterday. or tried. we both were so exhausted that what we were left with were a few unison harmonies. but i think him coming to bergen to record will be good. nice to have a dude's voice on my songs. i've always wanted that.

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