Jan 3, 2007

shoes and news

this place was weird. the madonna inn in san luis obispo. my friend jerome, who makes shoes, sells the shoes at the shop here. the place is all pink. john waters has probably been here. there was a lady by the bar that had really cool hair and she wore her sunglasses at night. she was about 80 years old and she danced cool to a live band playing covers from the 40's. I leave for San Francisco in the morning. I should be there for a month or so. Excited to get back into the album. new years was everything. again, expectation arrived but then a new crew showed up and inspired. was on top of a mountain above rincon point south of santa barbara. a 40 acre farm overlooking the ocean. night 2 was pizza's over the fire. night one was an entire pig. new chapter, 2007.

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