Dec 25, 2006

until january 1

merry christmas.
just wanted to let you know that the 8 song Rubies EP will only be available until january 1. it has new artwork and new songs from last year. the songs have been recorded with a full band for the come out in the fall of '07 but these are the original demos that have a character all on their own. drum machines and lots of synthesizers mixed with a few songs of just simone and lovely terri and amy harmonies and one guitar... These demos are special to me because they document the last year and a half of learning how to record on my own and tell the tales of a time of change, love, loss, and experimentation of sound.
After January 1, the songs go in the vault.
purchase the ep through paypal for $8 for US orders : $10 mexico : $12 for Europe/Japan orders. If I didn't list your country, just send me an email and we'll figure it out... for paypal
1. A Room Without A Key
2. Dark Light
3. Turquoise
4. Diamonds On Fire (special guest carrie clough)
5. Signs Of Love
6. All We Have Is Sound
7. Stand In A Line (produced/recorded by safety scissors)
8. Walk With Caution

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