Feb 4, 2007

it's going.

ok. do you like the palm tree in the green pants? been in the studio for the last two days. adding the honey. tomorrow more keyboards. recording a new song! 'i feel electric'. excited.

my time here in san francisco on chattanooga, is coming to a close? i am wondering about staying in the bay area or??? i hate always wondering. floating around. i feel like i'm always waiting for a notion. something to make me feel tied to something. i just don't know where to be. just watched the woody allen film 'manhattan'. man, that is shot so beautifully. makes me want to wander new york city and be in hyper intellectual conversations about nothing. i wish all my friends were in my same city for the next month. come visit.

'rubies' played our best show ever. a sold out crowd at the great american music hall. matching outfits and dance moves. the art of performance. there is so much to it and then nothing to it all. i really enjoy being on stage. there is so much to learn. i am wondering about a lot of things.

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