May 15, 2007

back in brown

dude. what is happening? swirl. colors and thoughts and mountains of new ideas. 3 recent images. 1: jerome and sam in front of san francisco candy shop. we just ate a really good breakfast. 2: saw this outside the window where we ate. something about the lines of the slices of bread stacked next to each other on the roof of the fire alarm. was really strange and cool to look at this. *bonus* cool composition. 3: nat pointing to green new sprouts on old tree. this was by mollusk surf shop/art gallery. i'm sitting in bed back at the chattanooga flat in sf. so nice to be back here. i'm a bit confused in santa barbara back there. i need space. leslie and kevin have rocked me once more. they came to stay with me and visit the sb crew and we had such a nice time after watching the taping of her performing on the tonite show. i met an old crush of mine from the movie 'dead poets society'. that was fun. i want to go to baltimore.

the rough mixes: had to start over. everything needs compression.

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