May 22, 2007


check this scene out. suprise beach ribbon world. they had it all set up with these ribbons and hot soup. it was rad. it got weird when the tide started getting higher and higher- trapping us. trapped by ocean. what a cool way to get trapped. i've been bouncing back and forth between north and south for a while now. getting used to it but i think my cats miss me. that makes me feel bad and a little good to be missed. rough mixes are done! sending off to label world. scary. i keep teetering. i am getting lots of design jobs but it keeps me from the thing. doing rogue wave art now which is great. i think there will be images of the sky.

1 comment:

blood music said...

rough mixes...I need 'em!
tanglewood...I dream of it!
relaxation...I could use it!
fixation...but I would lose it!

Miss you.