Dec 5, 2007

japancakes. the official snax entry. parts 1 and 2.

candy caps. best presented by a friend sitting in front of you on a train. have them 'surprise' you with a quick hand movement from behind the head rest. get's me everytime.
chocolate covered potato chips. these are good. kinda wish they were saltier.
balls balls balls. terri liked hers. i didn't really 'get' mine.

the wrapped ones are salty sweet crackers. the big ones were savory.
dudes, so many rice crackers. roll your "R's" when you say 'rice crackers'
homemade designer tofu. it goes off. homeboy gave us some
for the train later. we scarfed. bonito flakes, fresh ginger, ponzu.
best breakfast in a square ever. enjoy with hot suntory tea from the vending machines. yeah, suntory times. ps. i was imagining running in bill murray in tokyo ala 'lost in translation'. does every girl have 'older man crush' on him?
ok, not food but they made the cut. i wanted to eat them.
again, not food...but visually edible don't you think? the one on the left has wings. the one on the right has ears. which is cuter?
c'mon! felt food! i was dying of laughter of the felt fettucine on the upper left. hangin' down.
sorry for the crappy photo.
more homemade tofu. so so so so good.
gyoza in a crepe?
typical tempura set. the pickles were the highlights....
bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms? wha? yumville.
tight buns. these were my absolute favorite. the fluffy steamed dough. the spiced veggies. some pork. yumtown.
pretty much the only brand of chocolate in japan. cool logo. a buck a block.

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minardi said...

Less than a buck, even! Nice snack round-up.