Dec 10, 2007

I Feel Electric

So the first single for the Rubies album "Explode from the Center" is in production! It will be available as a 12" and digitally. It's coming out Jan.21. and it's for the song 'I Feel Electric.' I decided to use paper for the typography on the artwork:

We had a bunch of folks have a hand at doing a remix for the track and we ended up picking the tropical-disco version made my london's Max Essa. On the flip is the version of our tune "Room without a Key" by Sweden Duo "Studio". If you haven't heard the shimmering, reverbed, hypnotic, and fabricated (in the best possible way) postpunk / disco of Studio, I highly recommend their stuff. I met Dan Lissvik from Studio when I was in Göteborg in September. We talked for hours and hours about non-physical-matter-reality and the cosmos. Coffee and dinner and firm handshakes that felt like we were representing the 2 west coasts (San Francisco and Göteborg) and the state of the universe everywhere in between.


nathaniel russell said...

looks rad. dolphin upc.

minardi said...

Can you make my name in paper letters? I would like to see it against an orange background, please. Don't put too much work into it -- Just my last name is fine. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I could kiss you!