Jan 10, 2008

Explosions and Oceans.

ok first off, happy 08 dudes. feeling the energy. today i will share with you mainly the last couple weeks in mexico, the peeps that made the magic, and above, finally, the artwork for the 'rubies' album, "explode from the center." i wanted a balloon on the cover for a bunch of reasons..and danielle helped me fulfill the visual. Mainly the feeling i get when i see a balloon, is the feeling of potential. the potential for complete disaster or complete feel-everything-in-your-heart-and-mind-at-once love. to tear everything apart to then start again. to explode from the very tiny core inside. no passed down ideologies, no hand-me-down concepts. customize your thoughts.basically the potential for growth and the feeling that everything could disappear. so let's do this. that kind of feeling. live it up. do it all. make it happen. lose yourself. love it. leave it. feel it. yeah, sounds kinda hippy, but i dig it. something i put on the list that i burned on new years (of things that don't serve me anymore) 'the need to feel distance when i am hurt' and 'not recognizing when i am losing myself in my own creation due to caring too much what others think' - a lot ties in to the need to start again. it was all inpsired by this page in a book called, "freedom from the known"- that i was given right before i went to europe on that fateful trip of creation in august of 06.let's move on but let's keep within this realm. i just wrote realm. that was fun. this pic of adrian that mary took slays me. this was him exploding from the center. shooting a roman candle out of a champagne bottle. new years happenings on the beach.
i tried to draw a bunch while i was burning my skin on the beach. it took me so much longer than i thought to do this drawing. mainly because i was sharpening my colored pencils with a eyeliner sharpener. it's all i had. 'heart x-ray'- hearts usually don't show up in x-rays- let's pretend that our hearts look somewhat like this in x-rays. i also think it's a jellyfish or a comet flying out of my heart. i gave it to unicorn ranch. up near toronto, it will live.
this was the kind of thing that happened. a carry-over from the japanese photo frenzy with terri. feist looked amazing in the hammock. playing with shapes.
BFF. He shares the other side of the friendship bracelet. mr.soundtrax.
riding on a crumar DS-2 wave. i was feeling the nentwig electricity flow. thanks, white boys.
in true 'st.elmo's fire' style. i really burned my neck that day.
fist pump in the sunset. sometimes it feels really good.
this is what happens there. a little bit of this and a lot of that.
the view from the beach back at the house.
ok so how beautiful do D and Adrian look? it's on.
this is more of what the relationship looks like between Adrian and I. good times. my new bro-in-law.
mary's beauty. she came from the east, moved even more east to 'est' and here, completely in the west.
adrian and his uncle chris. shred factory.
adrian's mom spearheaded this craft hour. finding objects and gluing them together. check out 'trebius'- brent went off.
classy dudes. always suprising me with the level of humor and wit. instant bro-down with these guys. sincere, super-talented, and hilarious. i love.
peaceful feisty.
this butterfly was our buddy! he followed les everywhere that night. landing on her hat, then my hand. it felt like a dream.
witchy witches of the beaches. liz mcclean's designs made it to the hammock then made it on our bodies while we made it in the palapa. les and i were in dj battles. the music sounded perfect. the dresses came alive.
mary looks like a baby bunny to be sometimes. a white bunny. so cute. her man christian, feeling the surfing. stood up on his first try. nice.
i see red. i seem to get into trouble when i wear all red. it's the color for me right now. it might end soon. purple is making it's comeback. i love wearing monochromatic outfits.
the sun going down on the last day of 2007. it felt like one big swallow. a celestial gulp. yip.

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nathaniel russell said...

keep drawing.
tasty krishnamurti.
bury the beast.