Jan 26, 2009


I want to take a moment this afternoon to mention my dear friend Jenny Wilson. Her music is really important to me as are her lyrics and overall outlook on making art. She is a very significant musician to me. I so admire people that can record, play, write, produce, an entire album on their own. This takes a lot of courage and focus... Her music has also been important because it's her songs that brought my attention to Sweden and is the reason why I ended up meeting Karl-Jonas, who helped me record in Sweden and who has been such a great help for 'Rubies'.

The first time I met Jenny, I liked her. Her sister Sara, too. Somehow, I feel like they are my long long sisters.

Jenny asked me to sing on her new album, 'Hardships!' due out in February. I was thrilled to record and perform last June with her.... Listen for my spoken whispers- as I remind her of her strength. I love how her songs blend a little R & B in with her folk/pop sensibility. The background vocals are meticulously stacked, reminiscent of old gospel tunes. You must listen to her unique voice. It's what I love about good voices. Full of character and you can hear HER in her voice. She's not sounding like someone else telling the stories. I am in the room with her while I listen to the songs. There is a lot of restraint in her songs as well. The silence is as important as the sound. I can't wait to listen to the whole album. Jenny, I know you have it in you.

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