Feb 9, 2009

the TO

I guess I mean 'to' as in "I'm going to..." and also 'TO' as in 'Toronto."

Been in the TO for a week. I have lady F as my roomie and it rules (first picture is our place). Been so nice to have that agagin. Been getting ideas and staying focused. Inspired by the new. Not sure what is to come next or during or after except for a couple shows in Scandinavia in a month. Been asked a million times why I chose Toronto during the coldest month. My answer? Why would I come here during the sunny time when I am coming from sunny California? So I chose to come here during the time when it's the most winter-y Toronto. So it's real. Real seasons, something I don't see often. Or I dip into for a moment then scoot back to California.

Saw the most inspiring performance of the year by the Swedish band 'Wildbirds & Peacedrums' (Miriam pictured with me)
I thought they were vessels- portals- for something bigger. And married? How is this done?
They are connected. Come visit.

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