Mar 22, 2009

How to draw the alphabet and stuff

I went to this incredible book shop/publishing house in Stockholm called Rönells. My friend Anders works there and he really works there. He belongs. Meticulously presented antique books alongside new music-art-philosophy magazines next to avant guard cds. A few things that grabbed me:
This was from a 1940's book on typography and the history of the alphabet. Dig the arrows. They very gently suggest how we should write each letter. Thanks.
Cool dude.
Why do old photos of ordinary thing always inspire? Order. This reminds me of a series of scans I did while on the clock at my corporate graphic design job back in the day. I scanned pencils, pens, scissors, and a cube of butter - then I wrapped the items in foil and scanned them again. You get the idea? Warhol and I could have made out. Wait, that seems gross. He had weird skin.
We've all seen this image many times. But why is this image following me everywhere lately? I'm noticing it all the time. At a friends apartment. On a skyscraper. The first page of a book I open. I think it's because I am searching for a home still. Homeless now for 4 years. I'm finally comfortable with this. Or am I?
This was a book on 'making home'- from the 50's. Sweden.
I am so into chairs it's ridiculouse. Check out the arm on the upper right. That winged sculpted wood. I want to collect chairs.
Jenny and I strike again. This time we dj'd at Victoria Bergsman's club at Tranan Bar in Stockholm. We had mics and were singing and beat boxing over our songs. Ha. Can you even stand her beauty? It hurts!!

Jenny Wilson, Sarah Assbring (El Perro Del Mar), Me. Heavy conversation.
foomp! with marcus. last day in stockholm. foomp comes out on last days.
I'm in NYC now for the next few days. Staying inspired and designing logos today. Help!

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dena said...

yo s i love your selections of things and thoughts. this one makes me smile and hi five you again. love the brushes and the letters and the whole vibe.
hugs to nyc from the d's b (today one year of eastern brunch) aaaa