Apr 2, 2009

The art of mistakes

Been taking tons of pictures on this 1979 Minolta. Back in Toronto, where the process is el cheapo. You buy a roll of film. It includes the processing and a set of prints for $8. Dudes. AND they use the real style of printing- with chemistry. Took me a while to get the process down. I messed up the winding of this last roll. There are some light bleeds on some of these...but I am so down with the bleeds. Art in mistakes. Exciting also because it's NOT digital. Right? I won't post a million shots. I'll put a few up today. To start- check out this circular old library from Stockholm.


dena said...

wow thumbs up, really good. love them pictures, analogue is the thing

rubidentzel said...

yay. film. All about it.
sweet library group of photographs. Likeeeee

laura said...

gorgeous photos!! i don't know how i bumped into your blog, but anyway i'm glad i did. absolutely in LOVE with your music, will you ever come to australia?